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The contemporary art gallery Nouchine Pahlevan was founded in 2021. It is located in rue
Chapon, in the heart of Le Marais.
The gallery’s main objective is to be a meeting place for contemporary art from various regions
of the world. It swings between the East and the West, and aims to be a link between the South
and the North. The gallery is committed to highlighting artistic scenes that one might skip to
notice. It distinguishes itself through the engagement of making the forgotten visible.
Furthermore, the gallery Nouchine Pahlevan rigorously supports its artists, listening to their
needs. A space of exchange is created, and critical discourse arises around the works.
The artists that the gallery puts to the front share works –figurative at times-, which merge
traditional visual representations with contemporary styles. Thereby, a foreground staging a
modern portrait is mixed with a background filled with traditional figures.
Paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, installations...One guesses a quest for
commitment at the intersection of materials. The exhibited works mix forms, and transcend
Exactness is asserted on a piece of work, only to be distilled, extended and blurred, a few
centimetres further. Approaches, precision and visual history are gathered and used in the
service of their revolution. Harmonious upheavals are created through the progressive mixtures.
The gallery aspires to exhibit and highlight those mixtures. Nouchine Pahlevan’s objective is
to be a place of transmission and visibility of Middle Eastern visual imprints – without however
limiting itself to them. It also aims to witness their evolving explosions.
Eventually, the Gallery offers exhibitions who gravitate around hybrid identities and creations.
The exhibitions arise from the encounter of the South and the North, with emerging or
confirmed artists from the MENA region, but also from the French and international scenes.

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